Check the Blood Pressure of Your Practice.

Using A Single Question for Powerful Results

How well are you really doing? Based on patient response, Patient Promoter indexes your practices on a scale from -100 to 100 that measures the collective outcome of the experience you are delivering to your patients. A single score that, when combined with patient feedback, has immediate application to diagnosing how well you are doing at serving your patients.

  • Single question, high-response rate.
  • A simple, practical measure of what your patients think and feel about your practice.
  • Common language to create an environment focused on satisfaction.

Can We Influence Behavior?

Patient Promoter was developed out of the frustration medical practices have dealing with Yelp. The only patients who typically leave reviews on their own have had a negative experience and it’s uncomfortable to have the staff asking patients for reviews. So what do you do? We’ve used the Net Promoter Score question — a proven metric used by leading brands around the world to measure satisfaction — as a way to filter patients through a process so only the most satisfied patients are being sent to review websites. In addition to generating 5-star reviews for your practice we can provide valuable information about the health of your practice and organized feedback direct from patients so you can take action.

How Does it Work?