Generate Positive 5-Star Reviews from Satisfied Patients.

Use Your Best Patients to Help Generate New Ones

Your star rating on reviews sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google are becoming the single indicator on whether or not you get new patients. 9 out of 10 patients use online reviews before selecting a provider. Patient Promoter’s proprietary process ensures you’re only asking the people who are likely to give you a 5-star rating to provide their feedback on review sites.

Build a Better Reputation

Research has shown that if a business has a 1 star rating only 6% of people would consider using that business. At  2 stars, that number jumps to 14% and at 3 stars, that number jumps to 57%. If we could achieve 4 stars then the number leaps to 94%. Would you refer your family member to a doctor with a 2-star profile? Patient Promoter helps you sleep at night by improving your practice reputation on the sites that matter.

Generating Reviews Has Never Been Easier

How do you decide who to ask to leave a review? We can’t ask everyone to leave a review because we would have no idea whether people would be leaving a positive or negative review. What if we could contact the patient after the appointment and ask a simple question that would help generate the positive reviews online automatically?

  • Automated system designed for medical practices to manage their reputation.
  • Helps preempt negative reviews by asking patients “How could we have done better.”
  • Website plugin for showcasing positive reviews.

The Patient Journey