Patient Experience (PX) Management Solution

A proven results-driven solution designed for healthcare practices to gain a competitive advantage in their local markets.

Measure Patient Experience

Check the blood pressure
of your practice

  • Single question, high-response rate.
  • A simple, practical measure of what your patients think and feel about your practice.
  • Common language to create an environment focused on satisfaction.

Improve Practice Reputation

Use Your Best Patients
to Help Generate New Ones.

  • Automated system designed for medical practices to manage their reputation.
  • Helps preempt negative reviews by asking patients “How could we have done better.”
  • Website plugins for showcasing positive reviews.

Capture Patient Feedback

When you listen to patients,
great things happen.

  • Identify and prioritize voiced needs and wants from the patients.
  • Using real-time reporting, you can empower the entire practice to start thinking about their role in the patient journey.
  • Weave a patient-centric focus into the fabric of your practice.

percent of patients use online reviews as a first step to find a new doctor”

– Software Advice Survey

Reputation Management

The Patient Experience Starts Before They Ever Get to Your Practice

Did you know that seven out of 10 patients use online reviews as the first step in selecting a doctor? Additional research shows if a business has a 1 or 2 star rating, only 14% of people would consider using that business. At 3 stars, that number jumps to 57%. If you could achieve 4 stars then the number leaps to 94%. Your star rating on review websites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google are becoming the single indicator on whether or not you get new patients.

A recent study concluded that “providers underestimate the degree to which the patient experience fails to meet consumer expectations.” This disconnect between provider and patient creates a lack of urgency on the providers part to fix any problems that may exist. Managing your reputation is more than providing great service to your patients. It is often that a patient’s unsatisfactory experience is out of your hands. From the time they begin their search for a provider (your practice reviews) to booking an appointment (your website) to checking-in and out of the practice, there are many touchpoints you need to focus on to maintain the integrity of your reputation and the growth of your practice.

Contracts are month-to-month so you can cancel at any time. We want you as a customer for life and do not want to lock you into a longterm contract. We want our service to speak for itself.

What You Get with Your Patient Promoter Account


Standardized Process

Patient Promoter uses a standardized process for continuity with every patient.

Unlimited Responses

All accounts included unlimited responses.

Alert System

Alert system allows you to monitor and follow-up with the most urgent patient issues.

Concierge Service

We’ll make sure your imports are performed correctly.

Loyalty Measurement

Net Promoter Score® is used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide to gauge loyalty.

Capture Feedback

Learn from your patient’s experience.


Quick dashboard gives you important details at your fingertips.

Generate 5-Star Reviews

Proactively manage your practice’s reputation.

Unlimited Support

We’re here when you need help or have questions.

Reporting System

Simple reporting system allows you to review feedback and NPS scores.

Patient Promoter is a proven results-driven solution designed for healthcare practices to gain a competitive advantage in their local markets and provide practice intelligence for increased patient satisfaction. We help you sleep at night by taking care of what is most often ignored—measuring patient satisfaction and improving your online reputation.

The Patient Journey Starts before They Ever Get to Your Practice.

Patients are making decisions about your practice through review sites like Yelp, social media sites like Facebook, and basic keyword searches on Google. Your online reputation is too important to leave to chance. We have developed a proprietary system that uses industry leading metrics to measure your patient experience, generate real 5-star reviews on the sites that matter, and provide real-time reporting for aligning your practice around patient satisfaction.

Let Us Help You Sleep at Night

Patient Promoter was developed out of the frustration medical practices have dealing with Yelp. The patient experience starts before they ever get to the practice. The data shows that consumers are researching, gathering, analyzing and taking action based upon these online reviews. The only patients who typically leave reviews on their own have had a negative experience and it’s uncomfortable to have the staff asking patients for reviews. So what do you do? We’ve used the Net Promoter Score question — a proven metric used by leading brands around the world to measure satisfaction — as a way to filter patients through a process so only the most satisfied patients are being sent to review websites. In addition to generating 5-star reviews for your practice we can provide valuable information about the health of your practice and organized feedback direct from patients so you can take action.